Sunday, November 28, 2010

a little mishap in the tea room

* a collection of stories and memories, in no particular order, from the life and times of John Clarke, who served as a policeman in the Australian Police Force, a great practical joker, he also had a great affinity with people and wildlife, was a champion swimmer, snooker player, loved golf, still loves fishing and is also an artist. I hope you enjoy his recollections - cheers, karin (his daughter)

- - - - - -

"I was working a series of day shifts at Tweed Heads Police Station and it was my habit to check out the meal room fridge daily.

On the Monday I checked it out and noticed a packet of sandwiches nicely gladwrapped in a corner of the fridge.

Tuesday, it was still there.

Wednesday, it was still there.

Thursday, it was still there.

I was a bit peckish, so reckoned they had been safely abandoned and got stuck into them for morning tea and was surprised how nice and fresh they were seeing they had been in the fridge for the best part of the week.

Came lunchtime, and one of thr traffic Police was setting up a real howl in the meal room, someone had stolen his lunch!!

Of course, the mystery of the fresh sandwiches was solved - the Traffic man had been putting his fresh made sandwiches in exactly the same spot in the fridge every day!!

I still haven't been forgiven!"

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